February 16, 2009

The Last Box

Well, the last moving box has officially been unpacked as of a few hours ago! Hooray!

I suppose I may be using the term "unpacked" a bit loosely as there is still a great deal of random crap sitting around my apartment waiting to be organized and put away (or discarded/donated), but there are no more boxes waiting to be broken down. I still need to get rid of all the packing remnants as well as a rather large pile of cardboard boxes and packing paper is currently blocking the direct route between my bedroom and the living room forcing me to take a minor detour through the kitchen.

Outside of organizing my apartment, I played more Warhammer Online today, and decided to start yet another class. Last night I got involved in some open RvR (realm vs. realm) content and decided I thought it might be more fun to have some more support abilities like a healer. I really enjoyed being a Bear Shaman in AoC (by far my favorite class in any MMO to date), so I picked the class that most closely resembled that within the Forces of Destruction, the Disciple of Khaine. So I introduce to you, Nalrel the Wise...
He's still new so he doesn't have much in the way of cool looking gear, but he's full of potential. Like most of the time when I start up a new MMO, it's all I've been playing for the last few days. Also, since I've been bouncing around from character to character, there's not much I can say except that I have been enjoying it, especially the PvP content and how it is such a central part of the game experience. Now, if only there was a Warhammer 40K MMO...


  1. DoK is a great class but it probably could use a nerf. In tier one a DoK can solo an undefended BFO around level nine. I think the DoK should be moved from medium armour to light armour.

    I do agree that WAR is somewhat lacking in visual customizablity and cool looking gear.

    I started with a Magus who I got up to 40. The endgame is a bit lacking, we still haven't had a successful fortress siege on Phoenix Throne, so I started a Witch Elf who I have in tier two right now.

    Also to answer your question from before about "Ratchet is a Lombax." I think I had wandered into your room after doing homework for way too long and asked what you were up to. You were playing WoW and in the city of Ratchet. I asked, "Isn't Ratchet a Lombax?" which then became a catch phrase along the lines of "That's what she said" or "So is your face." And I probably said it fifty to a hundred more times for my own amusement.

  2. Good story.

    It's funny, my destruction character is on the other RP server (Ostermark) and I have Order chars on Phoenix Throne (all new, while I was getting to know the classes). Too bad...

    As for the gear, I don't know how cool looking it gets but it beats AoC where I ended up wearing pretty much the same looking thing for 40+ levels...

    Please don't tell them to nerf my class... :)