December 17, 2007

Life Without a To Do List

To be honest, it's a little weird to have this stretch of free time in front of me with nothing in mind that I need "to do." I'm not saying I'm not happy for it, but it's a little strange to move from being rigidly structured and busy basically all of the time to being completely free with nothing to do. As such my blog posts have been late to non-existent, so I am of the mind that I need to start managing at least a few minor, personal tasks. Things like doing my Christmas shopping (yeah, I know, its way late), cleaning up my desktop (yeah, it's that bad), posting on the blog, and potentially planning some projects for the break. Some game design stuff I've wanted to do that I just don't have the time for at school. Maybe dip into the newly available Unreal 3 editor, or work on something other than an online, multiplayer fragfest.

At the very least, I need to start writing my blog posts when I am less tired/more lucid. No major events today. I moved in with my brother, Rick (is it possible I have never referred to him by name until now?) and his wife, Sharon, while I am at home for the holidays (they live about 20 min. from our parent's house), went out with his wife to pick up groceries and supplies for the house (which is soon to house Sharon's mother and sister as well), then was feeling crappy so I crashed on the couch for a while until Rick got home from work. Then we watched some TV while we ate dinner and afterwards Rick and I played a bunch of Super Mario Strikers Charged which he recently received from Gamefly. I finished up the day with a little King Kong which I have resolved to complete over the next couple days considering I got it as a present nearly two Christmases ago (before I had an Xbox 360 to play it on oddly enough).

Anyway, that was pretty much the day, and now it is late and I'm tired. I know this may not be the riveting constant-deadlines-are-driving-me-crazy antics of the Guildhall that you have all come to know and love, but hey, it's vacation. :)


  1. King kong is probably a good game for your partial burnout. There isn't really very much challenge, but it does keep moving forward. It's a lot like a ride at disney land. I started playing it recently and played until I got bored. Maybe I will pick it up again later.

    Gamefly works well. The shipping times are horrible, but it's still the best option for medium level games in my opinion. I have played a ton of games this fall and the only ones I have bought are Halo 3 and Mass Effect. Currently my subscription is canceled until I play through whatever games I get for christmas. I like it.

  2. Yeah, I was actually thinking it felt a lot like a ride. Not a lot of gameplay, but rather a number of cool situations they want you to see and experience.

    Thanks for your thoughts on Gamefly, that's basically the same way Rick feels about it and the way I can see feeling about it as well. Waiting until after the Christmas glut is probably also a good idea. :)