May 26, 2008

Killing Mime

Well, I guess it's been a little while since I wrote anything. I'm happy to say it is because I've been spending my time enjoying the holiday weekend, perhaps a bit too much...I had a fair number of tasks I had intended to work on, and I'd say I got about half of them done. The rest of my time was spent relaxing and playing a lot of videogames.

The weekend started with my laptop half-dying Friday evening as I was working my way through playing Half-Life 2 (for class, seriously we have a quiz tomorrow). It turns out it was just the monitor (or at least connecting to an external monitor works) so it didn't really disrupt my ability to work. I spent the rest of Friday night hanging out with friends playing Rock Band and Smash Bros. Melee until about 2 in the morning.

Saturday I started out by running a few errands, then I came home, updated my resume (to apply for the game designer and lead level designer positions on our next project), and played through a bit more of Half Life 2. I bought Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode One and started playing through that a bit. It is surprisingly good, it seems like an excellent example of how to do a light adventure/RPG hybrid. I'm definitely enjoying it. I then spent the rest of the night (which ended up lasting until 5:00 a.m.) playing Galactic Civilizations 2 as I led the robotic Yor Collective on its bloddy campagin to conquer the galaxy.

Yesterday, I started by finishing the aforementioned Galactic Civilizations 2 campaign, and then went to work designing an RTS civilization for my Special Topics class. I was tasked with creating some unique aspects for the British civilization in a hypothetical World War I RTS. After that was finished I played a bit more of the Penny Arcade RPG and again got sucked into another late night session of GalCiv. This time I lead the peace-loving Iconian Refuge to culturally subvert the galaxy with their addictive colas and trendy fashions (if you've never played Galactic Civilizations, shame on you, but I apologize if that sentence made absolutely no sense).

Finally, today I again began my day by concluding the Galactic Civilizations 2 campaign started the night before, and then spent most of my day finishing up my play through of Half Life 2 in preparation for tomorrow's quiz. I had intended to use more of this weekend to work on my current Level Design assignment and starting to compile the research for my thesis field review, but a combination of freedom and Galactic Civilizations got the better of me and sapped most of my productivity.

I don't really think it's a total loss however, as I haven't entirely settled on my thesis topic yet, and I don't expect to have too much trouble catching up on my LD work. At worst, I've probably given myself one or two long nights, but nothing I'm not used to. Plus, the weekend was thoroughly and will no doubt help improve my productivity in the coming weeks. On that note, I think I will use the few remaining hours to relax a bit more before getting back into the grind. I hope you all had or are still having as good a Memorial Day weekend as I did. Take Care! Later!

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