May 28, 2008

No Time

It's been another semi-eventful day here at the Guildhall. I got some work done on my HL2 level (though there's still a fair bit to do) and we fleshed out the concept for the Music RTS (now called Dissonance, though there's still more to do there as well). Now, I have to study for a writing quiz tomorrow morning before I can get back to work on my HL2 level lest I fail that assignment. On top of that, I think we might have a quiz on HL2 optimization techniques in LD class. Not sure, but I'm not sure I have anytime to study for it anyhow, we'll see what I can scrape together. Then tomorrow, I need to work to create the gameplay sections for the Dissonance concept doc, and prepare the presentation. Can Friday come any faster?

In other news, I actually got offered the Gearbox internship today. I believe four out of the six level designers were chosen and three out of however many artists applied. I didn't see any programmers listed, but considering they had a second round of interviews they might have done something different. Anyway, I got the internship which is pretty cool, it doesn't explain really anything about the job except the pay and the start date. I haven't decided exactly what I want to do with it. I'm still itching to start trying out my skills in the "real world" and this is a fantastic opportunity, but I'd sort of given up the job as lost so now I'm a bit confused as to how to react. I'd already started thinking about how I want to use that time, and my thesis adviser has encouraged me to use it for thesis so I can get ahead of schedule before term 7. *Shrug* I don't know. In all honestly, I'll probably end up taking it, just so I can get a sense of really what the job is like and what I'm looking for, but I think it deserves at least a couple days of deliberation (when, of course, I have the time for deliberating).

Anyway, that's really it, I'd love to talk more about it, but I have tons of work and a powerful need to sleep sometime this week. Later!

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  1. you're so pretty tom hoeg. I can't wait to rub your pretty head. continue to kick ass