November 14, 2007

A Short One

Sorry, this is going to be a pretty short post as I should probably get to bed ASAP. Today wasn't terribly eventful, we alpha tested the map I am working on for our CTF Mod (and the underlying code) and things went pretty well. Most of the game functionality is stable and the map seemed pretty well received. There are a few modifications to make to the overall layout, then still plenty of work to be done making it look more real.

I'm behind on my DM17 map, at least behind the schedule I had set for myself, however unreasonable it may have been. I think that between now and Thanksgiving "break" I need to really crack down and get stuff done, but I've just been exhausted lately which makes work more difficult and much less efficient. Anyway, as I said, it's late I'm tired, and I need sleep if I'm going to pump out the sheer volume of work I need to within the next couple days. Night All!

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