January 22, 2009


Sorry for no post last night, my internet was out *shrug*...

Things are mostly going well here in Burbank. I think I am getting acclimated to the new job pretty well and the whole team has been nothing but nice and helpful. Today I got access to the central repository so I can start making actual contributions to the project which is pretty cool. It's exciting to see the making of a real game from the inside. I can't really say much about the project, but I can say it's really cool and I am very excited to work on it.

On the flip side, today I got the unfortunate news that my mover was "delayed" so the current estimated arrival of my stuff in Burbank is now a week from tomorrow. Not much to really be done about it except sigh and whine about it a little on here. I am hoping the new estimate is conservative and my stuff will get here closer to the middle of next week, but I'm not holding my breath. Also, apparently the moving company will pay me for every day that their late, and seeing as I could use the money I can't complain too much. Though, I do look forward to getting back to my gaming once my stuff arrives. Until then, I guess I'll just be watching a lot of DVDs on the laptop and playing the handheld games I happened to bring along.

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