January 26, 2009

Make a fool out of yourself

Well, this will be kind of a short post as it's already kind of late here. Things are continuing to progress well in my California assimilation. I am getting more and more familiar with my stuff at work, and today I participated in my first personal, social activity in California - a swing dance class. It was the third in a series of six, so I was a little behind the curve, but I caught up pretty well by the end I think, and it made me think about something...

Most of the times I can remember being nervous or scared in my life had nothing to do with bodily harm or some kind of mortal peril, no they were usually about me being incredibly embarrassed. This fear still plagues me even to this day, and I think the same could be said for a lot of people. I mean, most of us don't deal with actual physical harm on a daily basis, but I think many of us worry about saying or doing the wrong thing in front of someone and what their reaction will be. Often we worry about situations where the worst outcome is so minor that even if all of them went the wrong way the effect on your life would be pretty negligible.

My wiser, older brother once said to me "expect to do/say one stupid thing every day." Then, when you expect it's coming you'll be ready to deal with it, and not lament it when it happens. To be honest, when he first said it, I just thought it was kind of silly and anecdotal, but now I think it makes a lot of sense. It can still be hard advice to swallow sometimes, but I think there's a lot of truth in there. If you can just get out of your head enough to not think about what you look like to other people, I think you'd be a lot happier, we all would. I had a great time tonight at the class despite having no idea what I was doing and probably looking like a complete idiot. I was still embarrassed, but I don't think it affected me much, and I'll work on the first part in the future...

Alright, now it's bed time, night!

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