July 17, 2007

One week down, roughly 83 to go

Well, today marks my second quiz of my first term at the Guildhall. Yeah, I recognize I probably should have posted yesterday about my first quiz, but I was tired/lazy and then I forgot. Anyway, they both went quite well, I think, and have done a lot to bolster my scholastic confidence which had been somewhat wavering due to constantly being told how hard the classes/tests/professors/ assignments were going to be. That and the only real assignment I had being a drawing assignment didn't help any. Come to think of it I should probably take a picture of that...

The quizzes were in Level Design and Game Studies and basically revolved around the readings we had been assigned the previous week. Nothing too stressful or mind-boggling but enough to make sure you are reading the book and understanding the concepts. We have two more in Level Design this week that will hopefully be of a similar format.

That's about all that's going on right now. Now, I think I will enjoy a little Yggdra Union before I have to heat up some dinner and head off to art class. Later all!

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