July 11, 2007

Scared yet?

So, the basic report is: The Guildhall professors have spent the last few days trying to scare us into realizing how intense this program is, and at least partially in my case, they have succeeded.

Meanwhile, I've just been busy getting back in the swing of school and trying to get prepared for my classes in addition to cleaning/setting up my apartment. It hasn't left me a lot of time to post, and right now isn't really an exception.

Long story short, it's been awesome so far (two days, yeah, I know) and I'm sure it will only get better once we start doing things, but it's going to be intense, really intense, and I'm probably not going to have time for much else. I hope to have a more substantive post, this weekend once I am a little better organized. Thanks!


  1. Just wanted to claim dibs as the first commenter.

    Also, I'm assuming the avatar was some kind of Voltron knock-off?


  2. Actually, I'm pretty sure Andy beat you to the first comment...

    Your guess on the avatar is kind of right. He is a giant robot, and he is piloted by multiple pilots joining together, but his name is Macron I, from the anime Macron I (in English) or Go Shogun (in Japanese).

    My brother and I were huge fans back in the day, but as I indicated, I'll probably be swapping him out once I find the time.