October 13, 2007

Who has time for errands?

I don't know why I even plan on trying to do anything but homework on weekends anymore. I spent ~10 hours whiteboxing my chapel (again...kind of). I had a rough version that I was playing around with (which is what the screenshots were from), but I decided to toss it as it seemed easier than trying to manipulate that one into shape. Tomorrow, I need to finish the whitebox, test to make sure it plays as I intend, then do a texture/decoration pass on the entire level. Then, if there's time after that I can try doing fancy things like adding a skybox and windows that can see outside, or at least adding in additional decorative elements like wear on the environment, decorations, etc.

In addition, this is all using BSP brushes, no static meshes. For anyone who doesn't know what that means (which is probably close to everyone), it means I can't use any pre-existing models, it all has to be created within unreal using primitive geometric shapes. For the most part that is fine, but when trying to create things like pews or an altar it would probably be much faster (and more detailed) to create them in an outside program and import them into Unreal as a static mesh. It just means that some of what I am trying to do, takes longer than it needs to, but whatever. I can't complain too much though as I really enjoy working on it, it just feels like I never have enough time. Anyway, that's it for the Saturday update, now I'm gonna go wind down for the night. Later!

P.S. Actually it just occurred to me that it might be interesting to have some screenshots of it as a work in progress so I will post those in a minute...

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