February 18, 2008

Another Late Night

Milestone 3 integration was tonight and it actually went pretty well, the game seems to be about 85-90% of where it needs to be, and we've still got a fair amount of time before it's due. We should have plenty of time to finish up what's left and run through a round or two of tweaking and bug fixes before we finally need to demonstrate the game. We also have a document due tomorrow and that, however, is not quite finished. There were some relatively substantial changes to make today, so the Level Designers and myself just got kicked out of school for the night (the building closes at 1:00) and I still need to put some finishing touches on the doc. On that note, if I want to get any sleep, I better get to work. Night all!


  1. Aren't you suppose to be at GDC? I'm reading press coverage of it right now. :-)

  2. Sadly, no, we really only get enough time to go for what is effectively one day (we fly out tomorrow night and fly back Friday afternoon). Even then, there's still a lot of work I need to focus on at the same time, so it's gonna be a busy few days...