February 28, 2008


The term has finally ended..well, sort of. Tomorrow is another Exhibition, where the C7 grads present their final projects, and also my team from term 1 will be presenting VIRUS again. I have been asked to make a trailer before tomorrow's exhibition, which I have started doing, but haven't quite completed yet, so I need to do that in addition to hanging around the exhibition from 1:00-9:00. After that, I'm basically in the clear. Anyway, to celebrate the end of what was probably the most grueling term to date I bought myself some games and I've been playing with them over the last few hours. Now I must head to bed so I can finish up work on my trailer tomorrow. Night!

P.S. The Call of Duty 4 project is going forward, so hopefully over the break I can provide some work in progress shots as the level develops...

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