April 17, 2008

End of Term Approaches

Well, today was sort of a psychological roller coaster, which most likely means I am tired, which would also explain why I nearly passed out on my couch from the moment I got home. We had a meeting with the executive director this morning which ended up actually being a meeting with the entire level design faculty and the chair of the cohort coordinators. The meeting last about an hour and frustrated me more than anything. I mean I don't know what I expected, I don't really know what I could have expected. They openly recognized their mistakes with the transition between the course structures, did what little they could to alleviate some of the stress right now, and demonstrated that the following terms should be much more manageable.

Considering we've only a little more than two weeks left in the term, I don't think there's much more they could have done to help us now, and our professor has been more than willing to work with us to make our project more manageable so things shouldn't be that bad, and in a lot of ways they really aren't. I don't know I guess it just felt like mostly a wasted hour of them apologizing and telling me things I already knew or at least (perhaps incorrectly) assumed. I guess things are just tight right now so taking an hour of team work time away is pretty costly all things considered. Anyway, I'm over it, it's clear that they are doing everything they can to help and I fully believe things will be better from here on, so that's good.

The other sort of emotional dip was just looking at the schedule I've made for myself for the next five or so days. It's pretty ridiculous, but considering I have milestones in DFS and TGP next week, it's not terribly surprising. I talked to the professor about it and he urged me to cut down my scope wherever possible despite my clear opposition. I designed my level with five rooms in mind and their style and sequence all make sense, making it very difficult to cut out any of them at this point. He actually agreed that most of it was difficult to cut, but proposed a few minor cuts I could make now in order to finish the project for grading purposes, and then relatively easily work on when I had more time (over the long break for instance). I found this reasoning a bit more palatable so I am hoping to make some of these changes over the weekend, and hopefully save a bit of my sanity in the process.

That's pretty much how things are going right now. Not really all that bad, just the constant workload can rather quickly drain you. I actually think things have gotten better, but I am still a bit drained from the beginning of the term and it all adds up. There's no class tomorrow morning so I should have time to work on a few things as well catch up on a little sleep and tonight I'm going to see if there aren't a few things I can take care of as well. On that note, I better get to it, night all!

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