April 12, 2008

Wasn't I supposed to be doing something?

Well, Saturday sort of flew by with a remarkable lack of progress on my DFS to show for it. I got distracted by other personal tasks and the time I had set aside to work on my DFS kept getting shorter and shorter. It's not to say I can't deliver on my Tuesday milestone, simply that I have made it a lot more difficult than I needs to be. I guess after working pretty much all day every day for long enough will eventually take its toll on anyone. Each day its been a little bit harder to focus on work, and the efficiency of my work has been decreasing as well, which is a pretty crappy combination. I'm not sure if it's a personal or institutional thing, but I definitely need to work hard to get over it or there's no chance I'll be able to accomplish the amount of work that I need to. Anyway, it's been a long, if somewhat unproductive, day so I think I'm going to try to wind down and head to bed soon. Night!

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