April 16, 2008

My Magic Hour

I'm not really sure how it happens, but it seems like every night after core hours I end up getting home roughly an hour after I had intended for any number of reasons. Sometimes it's an extra meeting, sometimes its more time cleaning up and finalizing things, sometimes its just hanging out, but I almost never end up getting home when I should. I suppose I should just start padding my schedule with that time, but my schedule is rather pad free it this point and I'm still not sure there's enough time to accomplish everything I need/want to.

The level designers have another meeting with the executive director tomorrow morning to discuss the results of his inquiry into our meeting last week. Not sure what to make of it, but it has been unfortunately scheduled during TGP time. Though I suppose there isn't really any time it could ve scheduled when I shouldn't be working. We'll see what happens, though I'm not optimistic about any real change. I mean there are only about 2 weeks left in this term and most of the damage has been done, I don't see any real way that things can instantly be "fixed." Still I will try to be open minded and hope for the best, and I'll you all know how it turns out. Anyway, I've work to do, as always. Later!

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