April 10, 2008

Nerf = Zero Productivity

I'm not sure that that equation is entirely accurate, but there's certainly some correlation. I decided to bring a small Nerf pistol to core hours for...well, really no reason. It turned out to be a real stress reliever for most of the team, and spurned some sort of massive Nerf arms race. Between the end of our core hours last night (1:00 A.M.) and class this afternoon (2:00 P.M.) something on the order of 12 new Nerf guns were purchased on two separate trips. Yep, that's right, a couple of the level designers actually went out to buy some last night. It's just goes to show how stressed out everyone is, and how something as simple as a foam dart gun can help to alleviate that.

Anyway, somewhere between yesterday and today my productivity tanked, at least my DFS productivity. I'm not sure if it is because of the omnipresence of these new foam weapons or if it is simply a symptom of being incredibly exhausted, but it has been decidedly unfortunate. My new DFS schedule should be easier to deliver on, but it is by no means a cakewalk so I can't afford to let myself get to far behind. Still, there's no point in pushing to hard and either burning out or spending a lot of time basically accomplishing nothing.

Right now I am feeling generally positive about everything. There's still a lot of work to be done, but it doesn't seem unmanageable, and I think I am finally starting to settle in to this lead role (with about three weeks left in the project). It may also be because instead of complaining and allowing our venomous bitterness to corrode us, the level designers have simply taken to shooting each other with nerf guns instead. I think this is overall a positive change and I hope it can stave off the bitterness for a little while longer. Alright, I'm still pretty exhausted from the last couple days so I better try to get some rest. Night, all!

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