July 20, 2008

After My Birthday Weekend

Hey All!

Sorry for the void of posts yet again. I spent my weekend hanging out with Rick, who decided to fly down to Texas to see me. He came in Friday evening and we went out with a bunch of my friend's for a birthday dinner and showing of The Dark Knight. The movie was excellent and Heath Ledger's performance was terrific which is cool and then subsequently sad. I think Rick and I actually were mourning the late Mr. Ledger as he was one of the few actors of this generation we really liked and he generally seemed to be a "nice guy."

Saturday we basically hung around the apartment except for a brief trip out to lunch and the Best Buy. We played a lot of videogames and talked about random pop culture, typically videogames and E3 happenings (which were being replayed on G4). Today, we largely did the same thing with some discussion of my life added in for good measure. Mostly me dealing with this general exhaustion of the Guildhall. I know what you are thinking, "But, you're on break!" and while that is technically true, I still have plenty of GH responsibilities ongoing, that I am currently ignoring.

I need to polish up a few portfolio pieces and actually take some pictures/videos of them, do some design work for Dissonance, and start on my DFS LDD which is due before the end of the first week (a task that would be nearly impossible to accomplish without putting in some summer work). The Guildhall ostensibly didn't assign homework over break, but they did set up the beginning of next term to be nearly impossible without work over the summer. While that might not be so bad if we were actually on break, those of us doing the internship basically get screwed as now we have to pull double-duty over our "break." Anyway, I suppose there's nothing to be done about it now, but the whole GH experience has left me exhausted and even after graduation I think it will be some time until I get back to normal.

That's really about it. My birthday outing was enjoyable, and I theoretically have presents coming from my family all next week, which should be fun. The job is still fun and interesting, and I look forward to seeing some of our rather substantial brainstorming starting to come to fruition, though there's still more documentation/planning to be done before we move on to actually constructing something. Alright, well, I think I'm going to relax a bit more before heading to bed, night all!

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  1. happy late birthday my love. I know you'll never come back to Virginia, but maybe maryland? Want to work for Bethesda? I'm sending you a late birthday gift via email later today.