July 9, 2008

My Tubes Are Blocked

Sorry for the latest dearth of posts, my tubes have officially been blocked, or for the non-hip (or perhaps non-nerdy) kids out there, my internet is out (I'm currently leeching internet at a friend's apartment). They think the modem died, but the first time they could get someone out was Saturday. Technically they could send someone out tomorrow, but they said they'd come sometime between 8 AM & 7 PM, and since I couldn't spend eleven hours sitting around my apartment during the week, Saturday was the first day I could work in.

I started the Gearbox internship today and it is awesome. It totally reminded me why I've been putting myself through this, which is a really uplifting feeling. The job, the environment, and the people all seem really great. I realize I've pretty much only been through one day of orientation, but it's still pretty exciting. I can't really say anything about what I am working on, but I can say it is awesome. Anyway, I think I'm going to go enjoy my first night off in quite a while, before I head to bed. Later!

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