July 14, 2008

Being all creative and stuff...

It's surprisingly tiring to be all creative and stuff. Or maybe it's surprisingly tiring to be all creative and stuff with a group. I'm not really sure. Anyway, today was a long day at work and I am tired. We did some level work where I tried for quite a while to script a few things that the game isn't really set up to do. Then, we had a meeting, did some more brainstorming and documentation, had another meeting about said brainstorming and documentation, and then returned to our office to make some revisions to our concepts (through more brainstorming). Not hard labor, I will certainly grant, but after about 10 hours of that, I am pretty tired.

Not much else to report on right now. I spent most of the weekend playing games and running minor errands. I played a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company, some Age of Conan and a few various other games. It's nice to have free time again. I miss working and being able to put in a solid effort during the day and then basically have nights and weekends to myself. I can understand why people had trouble adjusting back to the Guildhall after the internship. Though I feel like removing the internship from the program was treating the symptom, not the problem.

Generally, at least among the LDs, there's been some general despondency toward the Guildhall since starting the internship. We've been treated well and feel like we've been able to make positive contributions since day one after arriving at Gearbox, and after a year at the Guildhall that feels almost foreign. Also, not working all night and all weekend comes as a bit of a shock that's hard to get past, at least is has been for me. Sometimes I can't help but think of work things at night and on the weekends, but thus far I've resisted the urge to crack open UE3 or try to do some impromptu brainstorming. It's an interesting situation. On the one hand, I certainly want to be as good and impressive as I can, but on the other, this is basically my entire break so I want to have some semblance of a "normal' life for what it is worth. I'm not killing myself over it, and I basically only stay as late as I feel I need to (or want to) for what I am working on (which is still markedly different from the GH).

Anyway, it's neither here nor there, but just something that floats through my mind. We had our first meeting today where our managers were able to evaluate what we had been working on the past few days. The response seemed generally good, places to improve and revise so we can revisit a few things tomorrow and continue on with our concept, but I think generally the LDs felt a bit bad about it. Not because I think they think we did a bad job, just that on face it seems like a lot of "revisions." Ultimately, I think it is just part of the iterative process, but it definitely felt like some people were a bit less enthusiastic after the meeting. *Shrug* It's a new environment with all sorts of new things to learn and understand, totally separate from the Guildhall, so I guess people are probably still adjusting. Anyway, that's enough random musing from me for one evening. I've got some games to play before I must finally sleep.

I'll leave you with this though: the job rules. If there's one thing the Guildhall got right, it is how it mirrors the actual job (albeit at a ridiculously compressed rate). I think I've finally found the job that is exactly what I signed on for, and that's pretty exciting. I recognize I am speaking after day four so there's a lot more experience for me to get before I can truly say such things, but of all my jobs thus far, I've easily enjoyed this one the most and the fastest.

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