July 12, 2008


Hooray, my internet has been officially restored!

Not really sure what the problem was, but it took the repair guy approx. 10 min. to fix which I suppose is better than the alternative. Work continued to be good throughout the rest of the week and now I am enjoying my first real weekend in what feels like a very long time. Actually, I think I am having trouble adjusting to the concept of a free weekend. It feels like I should be working. I think the Guildhall managed to fry the part of my brain that actually understood what free time was. It is actually taking special effort to keep from thinking about work or trying to brush up on a few of my UE3 skills. Still, I am certainly enjoying my time off at this point.

I picked up my car this morning, then spent a good portion of the day watching movies and cleaning up my apartment which had reached critical mass after about 1.5 terms of neglect. I played a bit of BF: Bad Company until the internet repairman showed up at around 4:30. After the internet was back up, I played a fair amount of Bad Company multiplayer with Rick before going our to dinner with a couple of the LDs. Now I am installing Portal which I never actually got around to playing over the last eight months.

As for work, I can't say much about the project, but I can say that things seem to be going well and it is agreeing with me quite well. The Lead Level Designer seems happy with how the LD team is organizing itself and we had lunch with one of the Directors of the company on Friday which was fun. The team seems really cool, I think I get along with everyone, at least the ones I've directly associated with. I'm not sure if that's typical, but it seems like they'd be a really good group to work with. Anyway, that's really about it. Now I'm going to go enjoy more of my free time (using my 360 it seems since the Portal download is going uber-slow). Later!

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