July 30, 2008


Hello all, not too terribly much to report on today. I missed yesterday's post because I was playing Age of Conan and by the time I stopped I needed to go to bed. Work is going well as the interns continue to make steady progress on our goals. I can't really say much more than I think things are going well and the leads are happy with our work thus far. Tonight I've just been cleaning up my apartment and working on designing a D&D character using the new 4th edition rules.

One of my friends from the GH and a fellow intern is hosting a game with a bunch of people from school. It sounds like fun, and they've asked me to join so I figured I'd give it a shot. It will be the first time I've actually played a pen-and-paper RPG, though I have interacted significantly with the D&D ruleset through the Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate games. My character is a human cleric named Jorath Lightbringer (pending) and I'm still working on setting him up using this handy excel spreadsheet one of the other players found. I doubt the game will continue into the term, but it sounds like fun so I figured I'd get involved before we're out of time entirely.

I also booked a room in Austin for the Austin GDC which was surprisingly reasonable (especially since we'll probably try to cram 4+ people into the room). It's basically the last big conference before the C9'ers are supposed to find jobs so I'm pretty sure everyone is making a point of going through it is apparently earlier than it usually is (translation: we have less time to prepare - big surprise). That's really about it. Working on my character took longer than expected so I think I'm gonna play game for just a little bit before I better head to bed. Later all!


  1. Your foray into D&D made me think of this article I read in college while attending UW-Madison.


  2. Cleric, huh? I can't imagine that Harm is as powerful in the pen & paper version as it was in NWN. If it is though, then that's pretty great news for you!

    And just for reference, I'm pretty sure I'm done with AoC. I thought the combat system was kind of overhyped. It didn't really do it for me.

  3. Ha, nice article Josh. How's Costa Rica treating you these days?


    Sadly I'm sure harm touch can't be nearly as broken in the new rules, but that's cool. Sorry to hear you are dropping out of AoC. It's one of the few MMOs I've ever been able to get into, but I gues it's not for everyone.

  4. Costa Rica is muy buenichimo my friend. Would not trade my decision for the world. HOWEVER, I do miss the games of BANG and the bean game until all hours of the evening. AND, just about when we are ready to stop at 1am...I would say, 'Who wants pizza?'

  5. That's good to hear, and I miss the Game Night too. Up until this break I hadn't played a board game since I got here (excluding a couple that were actually FOR class).