August 7, 2008

6 More Days of "Work"

Well, the internship is (sort of) quickly winding down. We're all moving on to our final tasks and soon it will be back to the Guildhall for our last two terms. Then, maybe back here again, who knows? Tomorrow the LDs are planning to demonstrate what we've been working on to the rest of the team, but there are still a few bugs we need/want to work through before then, which doesn't give us a whole lot of time. Still, the team is eager to see what we've done, and with only a week left, it's definitely time for us to start showing something. I guess I'm not too worried about it, but there are a few things outside my control that I am holding my breath for.

I am hopeful that they will like what we have done, but if they don't I can accept that. I have enjoyed my time at Gearbox and would love to continue working on this project, but they aren't the only girl at the dance and I'm not going to freak out based solely on their opinion of me (for anyone who actually knows me, you'll realize this is a big step). That's pretty everything on the work front. I played a little Gears of War tonight as I think I am going to use that game for my DFS and I am trying to get a bit more familiar with the game.

I think my prior Unreal experience in addition to my work at Gearbox should prepare me to make a really amazing piece over the next few months. It will mean using a different editor for my Thesis and my DFS, which I have been heavily cautioned against by the faculty, but I've decided I think it will be better for me professionally and I am willing to accept the risks associated with it (namely that it might take longer to finish my thesis or I might not finish it at all).Anyway, it's been a surprisingly long week and I need to wind down and recuperate so I am going to go play/watch something before I head to bed. Night, all!

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