August 5, 2008

Birthday II

Happy Birthday to me!!

Birthday presents from my family arrived today (actually yesterday, but there's a one day lag on when I can get them from the apartment office) so I've taken the opportunity to celebrate my birthday again. Really I'm willing to do just about anything that lets me avoid working on Guildhall stuff. I got a DS Lite, Phantom Hourglass, some clothes and a sweet Best Buy gift certificate which I used to buy a host of new DS games. Work is going well I think and I'm sad that it's drawing to a close soon. I wouldn't have imagined caring about a job so much, so I guess that's a good sign. Though it may be in part due to the fact that I would find most things preferable to returning to the Guildhall.

I guess I should apologize slightly for that comment as I don't mean to completely bad mouth the school. It is probably the best education you can get for this material, but I feel like the only word to describe my experiences would be...traumatic. Still, it's gotten me closer to what I want than anything else so I can't really slight for that. I guess I just feel a sense of real dread at going back. Like this break was the light at the end of an incredibly long tunnel, only to find out that it's a brief opening before more tunnel. Not to mention, since the internship started immediately after school I don't feel like I really got a chance to recharge so going into this next term is going to be nothing short of painful. I'm still very excited about the work I will be doing over the next 4 months and I hope the bright-eyed idealism of the new class will help bolster my spirits (though it seems to have the opposite effect on my classmates), but I'm still worried about returning.

Anyway, that's where I am right now. Trying to stay positive and happy about things while I can. I think the first couple weeks of Term 6 are sure to suck hardcore, but then my hope is I will get back into the swing of things and everything will settle. Ultimately, I think I've just reached the point where I am ready to move on, but there's still some work to be done before I get there. Either way, none of it is getting done tonight...

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  1. I was thinking of writing some witty and scathing comments about you getting a DS, but instead I'll just say that I thought Phantom Hourglass is dumb, and that I hope you used pasrt of that gift certificate on The World Ends With You. That's one of those games that more people need to buy so Squeenix is encouraged to make another one.