August 18, 2008

Back to the Grind

Well, after sitting here desperately trying to get my head into writing mode, I decided I try warming up by writing a post. In actuality, I've been trying to write things for my LDD for the past hour or so, but very little has been coming out of it. This isn't really that unusual for the beginning of term or trying to write a large document. Much like anything of this creative magnitude, sometimes it takes a little while to get the juices flowing. At the same time, I've made the important decision to try and re-unite my DFS and my Thesis (as much as is possible) so I'm basically just trying to describe a level I've pretty much already designed at this point, which may be stifling my creativity somewhat. Not sure that even make sense, but I'll go with it. Ultimately, it should mean less work as the map is already basically designed (and drawn) and I have a lot of reference materials to work with. All I should need to do is go into more depth and I should be home free.

Unfortunately, I just can't seem to get my mind working along that line. It's like an old car that just won't quite start. You can hear the engine trying to turn over, but it can't quite get there, at least, not yet. I am hopeful that if I use what I have already done effectively and just throw myself into this I really shouldn't have any trouble finishing up the doc by Thursday, but right now I'm having a lot of difficulty doing that. Anyway, I am running out of breaks I can give myself, so I better get back to work. Later, all!

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