August 30, 2008

Full Circle

Looking at my last post I guess it's been a while. I've been a heavy combination of busy and tired so I suppose the blog hasn't really been high on my list of priorities. A couple things at the beginning of this term have really reminded me of just how long its been since I got here. In truth, it hasn't been the long at all, but everything here is so densely packed that I think I've gotten like multiple years worth of experience in only a year's worth of time. Though maybe that's just because I haven't gotten nearly as much sleep as I would have liked for the last year...

So it's Labor Day weekend and that just made me think of where I was a year ago and how things have and haven't changed. I'm still at the Guildhall, though admittedly far closer to graduation, something for which I am incredibly grateful. I'm still working through the holiday weekend, though at a lighter pace than usual. Not altogether that different than last year, really. I also finished an abstract this week that was for a professor I haven't had since term 2, which just reminded me how far I've come. It's weird, I'm not sure I can adequately explain it, I guess it's just funny starting to experience "lasts" in my time here. Like the last time I'll see a new cohort come in or I attend one of the GH barbecues (not sure this has happened yet, buy I'm just saying).

Work is going well I'd say, and I think I am on a pretty good pace to finish everything I need/want to without too much pain. I may even have time to play some games this weekend, who knows! There's a lot going on this term with thesis, TGP, DFS, and our level design class which is giving us some exposure to Unreal 3 (Gears of War specifically). Still, it doesn't seem like that much all considered. I mean, I wish we had the opportunity to sit down and just focus on one thing for a second, but, hey, at least they keep us busy :). Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say right now. I've just spent most of the last few days working on my DFS/thesis, with a little TGP thrown in for good measure.

It's been a long week and I think I deserve a little bit of a break, so I think I'm going to take it. I purchased a big fancy TV yesterday using the majority of my internship money, though it is currently being shipped to me as the Best Buy price just wasn't quite good enough. I'm also planning to pick up Mercenaries 2 tomorrow, though I haven't yet decided on which version. The PS3 typically has better image quality (in my opinion...please put down your torches and pitchforks) but the 360 has the benefit of achievements and frankly, I just know more people that have a 360 which gives me more potential multiplayer partners. *Shrug* What to do, what to do...I think I'll go play a little Mercenaries on my 360 (if it works) as a little appetizer for tomorrow. Later!

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