August 23, 2008

It's been a while

It's been a rough couple of days, well, sort of. Anyway, I haven't posted over the last couple days for a variety of reasons. Thursday night it was the coma that occurred after I just barely finished my LDD on time after several nights of little sleep, Friday it was getting invited to play cards with friends at around 10:00 p.m. (meaning we didn't actually start until well after 11:00 and we didn't finish until after 3:00). I guess that's not really a variety but it felt like it had been longer since I last posted. Anyway, today I have been running around trying to be productive and mostly failing to varying degrees. Well, maybe not failing, but not being productive in the way I had hoped, usually getting my productivity tied up in other stuff, that, while important, wasn't what I had intended to do.

I was supposed to do all my Professional Development assignments today which were:
  • Revise my resume
  • Write a cover letter
  • Take 15 portfolio screenshots
  • Answer 39 mock interview questions
What I instead ended up doing was:
  • Slept in way too late, then waste da lot of time in the morning
  • Reformatted my resume and made some minor revisions
  • Revised the Dissonance GDD (partially, still more to do before Monday)
  • Worked with Dissonance leads to plan for our milestone on Wednesday
  • Updated Dissonance task list for this term
  • Researched what company I want to mock apply to
  • Ran a few errands
Not a wholly unproductive day really, but much less than I wanted to get done on a couple things. I've also been a little down today so trying to write things about how awesome I am (resume, cover letter, etc.) wasn't really working out. At this point, I'm just really tired, so I think I'm gonna write this one off as a loss and try to get things back on track tomorrow. The stress of getting the LDD done on time definitely kicked me back into Guildhall mode, but I think I'm still reeling from the transition. Alright, time for a little R&R, later!

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