August 6, 2008

Sleepy Town - Pop. 1

Not sure exactly why, but this week has been really tiring. I've been getting to bed at a reasonable hour and work doesn't start until 10:00 so I can't really explain it. Anyway, I should get to bed as I am nearly falling asleep as I type this. For quick updates, work is good, things are proceeding a bit slower than desired and the leads are eager to see what we've done, so we are trying to get everything to a playable state (a state which we had actually already sort of achieved, but in a very hacked together way). Hopefully we'll be showing our work to the rest of the team tomorrow or Friday.

I organized a bunch of my tasks for school and I played with the DS a bit more, tonight it was The World Ends With You, which is really weird but seems pretty cool. I also played a bit more Chocobo's Dungeon which is still surprisingly well put together. That's really about it. The break has really gone by too fast, and I'm not ready to get back to the "real world" (or am I in the real world? I get confused on this point sometimes) but its coming whether I want it to or not. Alright, well I need sleep so I can really hit the ground running tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Night, all!

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