August 17, 2008

Last Meal

This is going to be a short one as I want to get to enjoying what little is left of the night before I need to get back to the GH way of life. I went out to dinner with friends tonight and decided to really treat myself as a sort of final farewell to this little slice of life. Today I've mostly been doing far less work than intended and constantly pondering what exactly it is I want to do with my DFS. Usually I don't have a lot of trouble thinking of something to do that fits within the game's universe, but for some reason I am having issue with it here. Maybe it's because there isn't a lot of well explained backstory in the Gears universe thus far. That's not to say it isn't there, because I think it is, more that Epic is keeping it very low profile right now.

Anyway, I intend to think about it for a little while more and then play a game before I need to head to bed. My current game of choice is System Shock 2 which I just managed to get working on my laptop after the Armstrong (the ship in Space Siege) reminded me so much of the Von Braun (the ship is System Shock 2). The game holds up surprisingly well and reminds me how difficult games used to be. I'm looking forward to the Too Human release this week, but by then I'll probably be too buried in work to see it until my Friday night game session. Alright, I'm off. Later!

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