September 2, 2008

The Hunt

Today's post is going to be a bit short, but I don't really feel too bad about it since yesterday's went on forever. Anyway, it seems like everyone's gotten a little introspective lately with the end of our time here fast approaching and the onset of all the career stuff that's been hitting us fast and furious these first couple weeks. I guess being forced to think about yourself in pretty much every dimension possible really makes you evaluate yourself. What are you good at? What do you suck at (and how can you spin it)? What is it you really want to do? What are you doing to get there?

I think it's made everyone a little anxious, especially with Austin GDC only a couple weeks off and most of us still pretty far from having our portfolios organized and actually worthy of being shown to potential employers. I think we're all starting to figure out what is we want: what positions, what companies, what locations, the whole thing, but we're also starting to evaluate the chances of getting exactly what we want, and the odds of every other possible outcome. Or maybe that's just me... Anyway, it's gotten me thinking about all these things and scheduling mock interviews and other networking preparation all over the place.

I'm definitely in a much better, much more confident position than I was a year and a half ago for my first GDC, but there's still a lot of stuff rolling through my mind, like what I want to work on, where, and what it's going to take to get the job I really want. Well, I've got things that need working on, so now's not the time to really go into all that, but I'm sure I'll cover it sometime soon. Alright, gotta go, night!

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