September 21, 2008

More Professional Development

Not much to talk about today. I followed up with AGDC contacts early this afternoon and then I worked on screenshots for my portfolio. Our professional development assignment called for shots from five projects which wouldn't be a problem except that my current DFS, LD, and TGP projects aren't exactly picture worthy at this point. As a result I had to dig into my UT2K4 materials. It's not to say that my UT2K4 stuff is bad, I actually think the levels came out pretty well, but it's from almost a year ago, and I've grown a lot as a designer since then. As such, I think their weaker than my other pieces, but I need them to complete the assignment so they will have to do. Once I have usable shots from any of my current projects I will put them up and probably remove the UT2K4 stuff. Alright, well I've got more work to do, later all!

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