September 29, 2008

Portfolio Crunch!

Too busy to really post right now...

Found out this morning that "finished" portfolios (i.e., school is sending out to potential employers) are due on Oct. 10th and designers from id are coming to review our stuff this Friday. Basically, that means I've got to put some time into cleaning up my portfolio pieces so I can post them and play through them with id. I also have to hope their feedback is relatively minor because it will be very difficult to make major changes before the 10th.

Also, I got my first rejection letter of the new season: Petroglyph Games. I followed up with them after AGDC, and apparently I'm not a good fit for their LD position. We're still a bit away from graduation and I think they require industry experience as well as experience in RTS editors, so I'm not surprised. I'll probably try to follow up with them as I get closer to graduation anyway, in case anything opens up that I might be a good fit for. Alright, now I must work. Later!

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