January 17, 2008

Business As Usual

I don't think anything really crazy happened today, which I guess is a good thing. My team finally settled on our concept for our team game so I think we are in a good place to really start digging into the specifics this weekend. The specifics on what exactly is supposed to be included in the Concept/Proposal doc over the Pitch document we just turned in remains to be seen. The Guildhall is currently in a state of flux as the curriculum is shifting around so even the definitions of things like the Pitch, Concept, or Proposal doc are still up for debate. Nevertheless, I will be meeting with my leads and working on my own substantially over the next few days to create whatever it is we are supposed to be creating =).

Also, Charles and I began talking today about what we wanted to do for our Oblivion project and settled on the concept of a classic Adventure-style murder mystery. Basically the main character happens upon a dead body only to be caught by some guards who immediately arrest the character for murder. The player is to be be held within the town until trial, but is able to move freely about the town in order to prepare an adequate defense. The player will mainly engage in dialog and solving item based puzzles in order to complete objectives, prove his/her innocence, and potentially bring the real criminal to justice. It should be fun to do and is at least a bit outside of what Oblivion is designed to do, though it all seems very doable within our timeframe. We may add some combat sections depending on how much time we can dedicate to the project and where we decide to go with the story, but for now I need to think through the idea a bit more so I can talk about it with the professor tomorrow.

That's pretty much everything that's going on. The lack of an Oblivion assignment due tomorrow and a somewhat longer timeline on our Proposal doc have really opened things up recently which is nice. I'll probably work on our programming assignment a bit more, than relax with some light gaming before bed. Yep, I think that will do nicely. G'Night All!

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