January 28, 2008

To Do List Rollover

You ever have it where your to do list is so long that stuff inevitably rolls off the back end and your daily list of tasks turns into this unwieldy mess of tasks? I think I've been planning to change my oil for like two months...

Anyway, today wasn't terribly eventful, I worked on a couple different documents and our Oblivion project throughout the day, and I'm starting to set up project management for the upcoming production of our prototype. It sure will be nice to have a week where a document isn't due. Man, that's gonna be sweet.

This week should be a bit of a bear:
  • Level Design Midterm on Wednesday
  • Prototype GDD due Thursday
  • Team Contract due Thursday
  • Programming HW due Thursday
  • Oblivion Alpha due Friday
And then of course an assortment of meetings and general project management tasks that I need to start focusing on in order for my team to successfully complete our prototype. It's not exactly critical at this point, but time spent thinking about and planning these things now means a lot less time wasted later. Anyway, it's been a long day so I think I'm gonna lie down in front of the TV before I need to turn in. Night all!

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