January 21, 2008

My Day "Off"

Well, we got today off since it is MLK day which basically meant that instead of attending a three- hour class from 2:00-5:00 I attended a two-hour meeting with my leads from about 2:00-4:00. Actually, to be fair the day gave me some much needed to time to work on things other than schoolwork, most notably my apartment. Throughout last term my apartment had become progressively more disorganized, and I had finally gotten to the point where even I couldn't tolerate it anymore. My apartment wasn't dirty per se, but there were piles of mail that needed to be read, old assignments and documents that needed to be sorted and either put away or recycled, and a pile of clothes on my bedroom floor that needed to be cleaned up. Okay, that last one is just dirty...

Anyway, I spent most of the day working on getting my apartment into working order and I think I am much happier for it. It's nice to know where things are, and know that there's no hidden bill or jury summons sitting in that pile of mail I haven't had time to look through yet. The meeting with my leads went well and I think the team is in a good position to deliver our proposal doc on Thursday. We are just putting the finishing touches on the first draft tonight so we can send it into the professors for review. Hopefully, we can get some good feedback on the doc and fix any major issues before final submission. Then, the only thing left to worry about is my Oblivion project. The proposal is due tomorrow (currently, out for review) and the prototype is due Friday. It's a bit of a quick turnaround to be sure, but I think the rest of my classes should be relatively light this week so hopefully that should make things doable. Here's hoping!

Either way, it'll get done one way or another. That's pretty much all that's going on work-wise. When I get time to play games, I've been playing Super Mario Galaxy and Assassin's Creed, which is kind of annoying since they both use the same input on my TV requiring my to swap the cables out depending on which one I want to play. For now, I've got a bit more work I'd like to do on the proposal doc before we send it in for review, so I better get to that. Then tomorrow I need to start working on our Oblivion project as there are a few things we're trying to do that I know can be done (i.e., the game does it), but I haven't the foggiest idea how, and I've got to figure it out before Friday. Fun, fun, fun!

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