January 14, 2008

Quickie Updates

Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to post lately, I've been crazy busy and I'm not sure exactly when its going to subside. I still want to keep you all updated though so I'll try to at least include some bullet point updates every now and again like these:
  • I spent pretty much the entire weekend working on a pair of Oblivion assignments that I ultimately could not complete.
  • The relative unfairness and demoralization of the second Oblivion assignment, actually left me feeling almost shellshocked for the entire afternoon.
  • I spent the rest of today writing and polishing the pitch document for our team project next semester, Extinction.
  • I also created a brief pitch presentation that I need to give tomorrow morning, and I've been rehearsing it for about the past 30 min. It still needs work.
  • I received another Oblivion assignment which is due on Wednesday and also found out who my teammate is for our Oblivion project.
I think that's all for right now. Now, I need to get to bed because I know that presenting while tired is perhaps one of the worst experiences this place can muster. Alright, G'Night all!

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