September 1, 2007

An Actual Holiday?

Remarkably, this weekend doesn't look too bad in terms of work. In fact, I didn't even work on anything Guildhall-related today. I took the spare time I had to clean up the apartment some as it had been getting progressively messier, and I had prior decided to play games instead of cleaning it. In addition, I played a fair amount of Warhawk with Rick and on my own. It's a good time, it doesn't do anything crazy original (though flying the titular Warhawk is remarkably fun) but it is very well balanced and a great deal of fun to play. It's very easy to spend a lot of time playing it even when you don't intend to.

I also just got back from going to see Superbad with a few friends. It was hilarious, I highly suggest any male go see it. I'm not saying women won't enjoy it or find it funny, but many of the jokes build off of the awkwardness of being a young man in high school and so I think that's who it will resonate with most. Regardless, most of the dialog ended up being covered in laughter which is surely a sign of a good comedy. Anyway, I'm off to play some games before bed, then tomorrow I will actually need to do some work, but not too much :). Take it easy!

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