June 2, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

Well...not a great deal really happened today. I spent the morning finishing up my Field Review so I could send it into my thesis supervisor (a term I still haven't gotten used to using since we also have a thesis advisor and they fill entirely separate roles) for revisions before it is due on Thursday. We had level design class this afternoon, but it was a work day and the professor had to step out for a doctor's appointment, so it was really just a few of us sitting around working on our levels for Thursday. I went out to get groceries and ordered some stuff from Best Buy. What I really needed was Gears of War for the PC so I could start learning the Unreal 3 editor for the internship, but Best Buy was having like a $10 off deal if you preordered one of a couple PC games (and bought one over $30), so I preordered Spore as well. It said it was coming out in September, though still have my doubts. I also did a little research into my character for the Homestar Runner LARP tonight. Now I'll probably spend a little more time working on my level before I head to bed.

While today wasn't particularly eventful, tomorrow is chocked full of important events. Tomorrow morning we find out the next batch of game design assignments, there's an executive luncheon on learning in games, I have my lead interview for our capstone project, and then right after that I have the Homestar Runner LARP. Somewhere in that big mess I should also try to work on the new game design I've been assigned or attempt to get some work done on my level. Now that the field review is done, I think there's a little bit of a break as far as thesis is concerned. There are milestones for the thesis proposal every week, but the proposal is not so far beyond the field review that it should pose to much trouble. Though I've no doubt jinxed it now so I'm basically screwed ;-). Anyway, that's about it, I should try to get some work done. Later!

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