June 19, 2008

Should I be working?

Man, it's been a long week. It's not really over, either. I mean, it is, in that nothing is actually due tomorrow per se, though it isn't in that my Thesis proposal draft isn't actually finished. It's most of the way done, but I still need to write an abstract for it which will take roughly 4-8 hours. Where I choose to take those hours is really the question. I was going to take a few of them after class today, but that just didn't end up happening. I got home, ate some dinner, and decided it was time to play some Age of Conan and now here I am. I could decide to work on it now for a couple hours until I go to bed, or I could play some MGS4 and put it off until after class tomorrow. Which do you all think is more likely? (Remember, working hard pays off later, but procrastinating pays off right now!) Honestly, I'll probably at least look over the doc when I get done here, but I don't imagine I'll do much work on it tonight.

As I mentioned previously, I'm the game designer on Dissonance which should be pretty exciting. It's definitely an ambitious (and crazy) project, but hey, at least I don't have to manage the schedule! I have to write up the GDD for next week which means getting a draft to the producer by the end of the weekend. Adding that to the abstract I haven't written, the level I need to start working on (based on the doc I spent all week putting together), and various other tasks, this weekend is shaping up to be another busy one. Though maybe if I actually do my work this time, it won't be so bad. A friend of mine is getting married next Friday and I'm in the wedding party so that adds another level as I basically need to get my stuff done in advance, and make sure I remember to submit anything that I have to from home.

Yep, it's busy around here as always, but that didn't keep me from enjoying a nice night of AoC, =). Now, I really should do something productive, so I'm gonna get going. Later!

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