June 8, 2008

How is it 10 :00 already?

I'm not sure where today really went. I woke up, played a little Age of Conan and then it was suddenly 10:00. I spent most of the day working on finishing up my scripting assignment which regretfully took much longer than I had anticipated. I also did a few household chores that have been sitting on my to do list for quite some time. That's really about it, nothing really exciting to report on. Apparently my experience over this weekend is it takes somewhere between 10 and 20 times as long to document something as it does to actually just go and do it. I figured out how to set up the scripting for my assignment within probably about an hour, but I took me more than ten hours to document all the steps. Anyway, it's done and the extra time didn't have a huge effect of my schedule so I guess I should be thankful for that. I meant to do more work on setting up some scripted elements for our pitch on Friday but I can start looking at those tomorrow.

Oh, I guess there is one "big thing" coming up this week. There's this big Game Education Summit this week at SMU. All the students have been asked (read: are required) to attend, but most of the sessions seem more geared at educators than students (which makes sense for an education conference. Still there are some good topics that should be interesting, and it gets us out of class (well, one of them) so I can't really complain. Overall things are pretty comfortable, I'm busy but not overwhelmed and I think I have a pretty good handle on everything I'm trying to do, which is pretty amazing considering the term is already half over.

It's actually surprising how quickly (and non-traumatically) things have gone this term. It really does reaffirm my belief that the worst is over. Also, as the internship gets closer I continue to get more excited about actually getting to do some real work. I still need to give myself a crash course in Unreal 3, but given the rate at which we learn engines here, I don't imagine it should be too bad (fingers crossed). Anyway, that's it, off to enjoy what little weekend remains. Later!

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