June 16, 2008

Get in the Game

Mondays suck. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. I think Mondays at the Guildhall suck worse than normal. Instead of adjusting to the work week after a nice relaxing we instead adjust to the work week after working thorough most of the weekend. I will apologize in advance for this post as I'm in a pretty sour mood. Not for any reason other than there's a lot due this week and I'm not sure how I can get it done. Probably not the worst week I've had here, but certainly closer to the hardest than the easiest. Also, all the work I have to do this week is more documentation, not really building anything. This can be exciting and I imagine it would be if everything wasn't under the gun, but when you have to come up with the documentation for two complete levels (not to mention the methodology for a Thesis) over the course of a few days it becomes more stressful than anything else. I know that being a Game Designer involves a lot of documenting and virtually no "building" but I imagine it's a bit different than what I am experiencing now. Either way, I suppose I should at least consider it when choosing my career path.

Now I am the first to admit I did less work than I could have (and probably should have) this weekend. In fact, I think I admitted it in my last post. Rick and Sharon seem to think that I made the right choice resting up this weekend instead of working myself silly, and while that may be true it doesn't make my current predicament any easier. There's just a mind boggling amount of writing and "creating" that I have to do over the next few days, and I'm really not sure I can do it all. I'll give it my best try, as always, and I guess what will happen will happen. Not much more I can do than my best. It just keeps getting harder to pull the sort of long hours I did in Term 1 and 2. I mean I think I did like four all-nighters Term 2. I'm not sure if its actually physical exhaustion or a sign that my devotion has somewhat lessened since coming here, but however you want to describe it, I've grown weary of the constant toil and I can't force myself to do it anymore. Like I said, sour mood.

Anyway, things aren't all bad here. We find out our teams and games tomorrow, and we have a sort of UE3 crash course on Wednesday, which should be fun. Outside of that, I've got an LDD and Thesis Proposal draft due Thursday so wish me luck! For now, I'm off!

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