June 4, 2008

Lost in Level Design

Well, I'm finished mourning my lost game and I've gotten back to my happier professional attitude of doing the very best with what I have. I've been soliciting feedback from students and faculty and trying to understand where our initial pitch was weak and how we can improve it. I got my Field Review back and my supervisor had only one sentence I needed to work on so I take that as a pretty good sign. I also got notice that a couple packages are winging their way to me (gifts from me to me). Gears of War should be here in the next couple days and I also ended up buying a new video card. I hadn't really planned on that second one, but a friend here just did and was talking about how the prices on Newegg were really good right now so I had to check it out, ultimately I ended up buying a new 8800 GT. Now I just need something to really push it. Gears should somewhat, but I've been thinking of picking up Age of Conan since I know a bunch of friends at school are playing it, and I can think of worse ways to spend my time. Besides, after a frustrating day of game development I imagine bashing in a few skulls would be pretty relaxing.

Oh yeah, I should probably explain the subject before I have to take off. I have been marveling the last couple days at how much I really do enjoy this work. Right now, I am specifically referring to level design, though I really enjoy all of it. It's hard work with long hours, but at the end of the day I really enjoy it. Even when I tell myself I am going to stop working on my level at a certain time, I always end up running long as I keep trying to improve it and add in little details. I think I ended up overscoping my most recent homework assignment somewhat for that reason. I'm not really sure how it happened as it doesn't seem that complicated of a design, but I know I have spent a significant amount of time on it. It's coming along really well though, so I'm pretty happy with it. I realize I haven't posted screenshots in a while which has probably made the blog a little less exciting so I'll try to get on those over the weekend. Alright, well I've got lots to do, so I better get to it!

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