June 24, 2008

Small Things

Sometimes you really just have to savor the little things that go your way. I am currently drowning trying to produce the Dissonance GDD and keep up with my other classwork. The document has taken much longer to produce than expected, probably because this game is so experimental and so different from anything else we've done thus far. At the same time, each of the level designers agreed to design and document one level (once we all settled on the overall designs). Unfortunately, I haven't even had time to start my section since the other sections have take so much time to work through. Luckily, my LDs are awesome and are helping bail me out. Each of them is working up part of the level documentation so we can get in the doc for review tomorrow.

A more cynical person might say it's their job or that their grade is on the line too, but in during a time when we are all pretty much stretched to the breaking point, I tend to feel the action is more generous. It's nice to know my team has got my back, and knowing that can go a long way to making this place feel a lot nicer. It's not doing anything to overcome the ridiculous milestones coming up over the rest of the week, but at least it's something. Now, I've got plenty of work to do and I've blogged long enough, later!

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