June 22, 2008

It's gonna be one hell of a week...

Well, there's a lot I need to do in the next few days, not to mention tonight, so I'm going to do this bullet point style today...
  • Good news
    • Thesis proposal is finally done. I finished the abstract this morning and barring any catastrophic problems, I shouldn't have to worry about Thesis for the rest of the term.
    • I finished MGS4. Overall very sweet game, I still highly recommend it to just about anyone. The cutscenes are hella long in places though. I finished at around midnight, and I was dozing off by the end of the substantial denouement.
    • I have at least started organizing the Dissonance GDD. There's still a lot to do, but it's better than nothing
    • I'm game designer on an RTS! For what its worth I've really enjoyed designing this game thus far and I look forward to the actual project. I don't think I have yet shared my enthusiasm, so there you go
    • Only two more weeks until my internship! I can't wait to start testing my skills in the real world. It's gonna be awesome!
  • Bad news
    • Lots, lots, more to do on the GDD. Just pulling together everyone's work and reorganizing the information from the expanded concept is taking a lot of time. I'm going to have to invest a lot of time in it over the next few days in order to get it done.
    • Two LD milestones this week. We have blockout due tomorrow which I am just about to start and we have the gameplay pass (all scripting and most art done) due Thursday. On top of that, I'm out of town Thursday and Friday. Yikes!
    • My internship starts in only two weeks and I still need to teach myself most of UE3. One of the professors has been gracious enough to give us a crash course on the editor, but I have no real idea how much Gearbox is expecting or when I will actually find time to teach myself. All nighter before my first day of work?
I think that's about it. Busy, busy, busy. Now I really have to start on my LD level, later!

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