August 7, 2007

Busy in Paradise

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted something. I guess time flies while you're having fun and/or drowning in work. Still I love it here, I feel like I am learning all these different pieces of game design at crazy intense speeds. It's great. All my projects have been going very well and I'm pretty sure I did well on the two midterms we had last week. I know I aced one of them, but I have no idea when I even expect to find out how I did on art. I imagine I did "alright" not great, but good enough.

We got assigned our groups for team game project and my level design counterpart is the venerable Jane (previously, if not obscurely, mentioned). She's smart, very organized, and way more artistic than I am, which is good wince she is the art level designer (LD). The way it works is LD splits into two specialties art and programming (i.e., scripting), so for this term, each team is composed of two artists, an art LD, and a programming LD. Not surprisingly, I chose programming. Anyway, we have a concept document due this Friday (and unfortunately the much larger game design doc the following Monday) so we are still working out the details of the final concept, but I will try to make you all aware as things develop.

I had the funny idea on Sunday night that I could try to write at least once a day on this thing, even if it was just a few short sentences. It seems simple enough, and yet I have no idea how I went seven days without posting anything at all. Maybe if I can work it somewhere in my daily routine (around a meal, or my morning/evening routines). I'll see what I can do. Just keep harassing me with comments and emails and I'll try to get my butt in gear. Anyway, I've got a game concept to go develop. I'll catch you later!

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