August 18, 2007

My "Lazy" Saturday

Yep, I only worked for eight hours today, it's like a vacation! I spent the rest of my time playing Persona 3, or catching up on random chores and errands I've been meaning to do. Tomorrow's a work day though. I need to have the prototype code basically written up by EOD Tuesday, while simultaneously learning C#, XNA, Torque X, and trying to keep up with my other classes. It's gonna be another long week...

The real sad thing is my group had a scheduling meeting today to plan out the schedule for the rest of the project and looking at the time we have a lotted we were forced to seriously cut down the scope of the project. We are keeping the core gameplay mostly intact, but it's a little sad (though not terribly surprising) that we had to cut out some of the stuff we were all excited about. I guess that's the whole point though. Alright, I think I'm gonna play with the Bioshock demo some more and then head to bed. Night all!


  1. Look it at this way. Having less time to spend on this project means you will get to your next bigger project sooner, and it is likely that your next project will have more room for awesomeness.

  2. Yeah, or I could be on fire... :)