August 25, 2007

Sleep, what is is good for?

Well, I totally missed yesterday's post, oh well. Since the last post, I had my art midterm which wasn't terribly bad, but the time constraints made it almost impossible to finish. Not my best work, but passable I suppose. Friday was your average Friday except last night I ended up working on my game until about 11:30 then played Bioshock for a couple hours.

Since I ended up playing games for a least a little of Friday, I don't consider it a complete violation of my "don't work on Friday nights" policy, though I admittedly ended up working a lot later than I had intended. The game seems to be on the right track though it is admittedly much different from what we had set out to design. Much of the core gameplay is still there, but the code base just isn't flexible enough to do a lot of what we wanted. Anyway, it's another "lazy" Saturday with a to do list about as long as my arm, so I best get to it. Talk to y'all later!

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