August 13, 2007

I've got a VIRUS

Heh, I wish that was entirely just a play on words, but I have in fact gotten sick. A flu/cold virus has been slowly moving through my circle of friends so I guess I shouldn't find it surprising that I have contracted it. Still, the irony that I managed to get sick right before I had to present our game concept, VIRUS, isn't lost on me.

The presentation went well I think and the first version of our Game Design Doc is solid, but there's still plenty to do. Many of my classes have big projects or midterms this week and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Who knew that going to game school would actually give me less free time. Also, being sick isn't helping any. I still really enjoy it and I feel like I am learning things a hyper speed, but I think it is starting to tax me a little more than is healthy. Anyway, I'm off to do a little work before class. As always, if you are interested in seeing any of the docs just let me know, thanks!

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