August 19, 2007

More Than I Can Chew?

After staring at the code of the Platformer Framework for multiple hours and still having accomplished almost nothing, I am starting to feel I may have overextended myself on this one. As opposed to taking what exists (i.e., the code to develop a side-scrolling platformer). I decided to develop a game that much of the existing code isn't designed to support. Now I either need to rewrite huge amount of code that I don't understand, or significantly redesign the project.

The silver lining in this is, or should be, that programmatically a top-down shooter style game should be easier to implement as it doesn't need to deal with Physics states or anything like that. The problem of course is that I will need to implement all new functionality or shoehorn the existing code as much as I can. Well, I'll spend a little more time seeing what I can accomplish, then call it a night. Oi...


  1. Another silver lining...when you fail this project - you will have the opportunity to really blow them away with your next game :D

  2. Fail early, Fail often. Advice to live by. (grin)

    Good luck.

  3. I thought that was just for picking up girls... :)

    I think we are on the right path, but there's still loads that need to get done, and I wanna play Bioshock! :(

  4. Speaking of girls...whatever happened to your mexican mamma back here in Richmond?

  5. I can only assume you are referring to the girl who asked me out basically two days before I moved.

    We went out on a couple of dates, had a good time, that's about it. It was kinda ironic though...