August 27, 2007

Sometimes, this place can make you go crazy...

So in my previous post I lamented the Level Overview because I couldn't think of an idea that seemed entirely different from other things I have played or was playing. Here, I will continue lamenting that assignment for a completely different reason. After obsessing about the overview for far longer than the assignment warranted, I finally managed to create something I was happy with and could envision building a level around.

Today, in class, it was revealed that we weren't building a level off of our own overview, we were being asked to design a level abstract based on another student's overview. Needless to say, this revelation upset me as I had poured remarkable amounts of mental effort into the assignment on the notion it would pay off in writing the abstract. Oh well, I guess what's done is done, and I have to kind of laugh about the whole thing. At least I don't have to go design the 90+ minute level I had envisioned (sorry, whoever drew my overview)...

Anyway, there's work to be done. Take it easy, all!

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  1. And this is why you should never try.

    :-) So it goes.