August 8, 2007

Perfect Pebbles are Perfectly Crappy

The title refers to an art assignment we have called 'Perfect Pebbles.' Basically we have to create a tiling texture from this pile of rocks that do not tile well at all (as you imagine rocks wouldn't). It's a lot of time starting intently at Photoshop trying to create new edges and blend everything together, and it's a giant pain. We start on 3D Max tomorrow which should be cool, but we also have to create all the tiles for a simple 2D level, in addition to all our other stuff, which is crazy.

Anyway, we finally managed to nail down the concept for our 2D game during our meeting today, so everyone is working feverishly to get our concept document done for this Friday and then move straight into creating the 40+ page design doc which is due Monday. Hooray! At least it's stuff I'm excited about...if it doesn't kill me. We got to create a simple level in Torque today with a player character which was cool. It's all very exciting stuff, just a lot of it. Anyway, I am off to eat dinner, craft pebbles, and write a concept doc. Later!

P.S. I found out you can make recurring tasks in Outlook (who knew), which may in fact convince me to post to this every day. We'll see how it goes...


  1. You worked at Capital One for a year and didn't know you could make recurring tasks? Really?

  2. Well I knew you could make stuff recur, it hadn't occurred to me to try it on tasks. You learn something new everyday! :)